North London Group Therapy

A Crucible for Reconnection 2017-2018

An On-going Monthly closed Personal Development & Experiential Therapy Group


Open to new members - qualified Therapists (psychotherapists,
counsellors, psychologists), qualified accredited Coaches*
& Advanced therapy trainees in practice**

Starting on 30th September & 3rd October 2017

Facilitated by Carmen Joanne Ablack

Our focus is connecting to each other and to ourselves by enhancing our abilities
as individuals and as a working group to relate. Your experiential, relational, bodymind
focus continues between the monthly meetings, offering self-directed space
to explore your learning from the group. In this sense the group forms a
foundation and crucible for your on-going personal development.

Manor Gardens, Islington N7
Monthly 10am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday.
Fees per w/end £190 / Advanced Trainees £160 by standing order
(Any reductions will be on a case-by-case basis;
fees paid by standing order for every two weekends at a time £380/£360)

Application forms from: or

In 2017: 30th September & 1st October; 28 & 29 October; 2 & 3 December
In 2018: 13 & 14 January; 24 & 25 Feb 2018; 17 & 18 March; 21 & 22 April;
2 & 3 June 2018; 7 & 8 July 2018

* Qualified therapists and coaches are expected to be in regular professional
clinical / therapeutic supervision
** Advanced trainees are expected to be in one-to-one therapy & have minimum
2 years experience of working with clients under regular clinical supervision

About Carmen Joanne Ablack: I have been leading groups in different settings since the early 1980’s.I bring my warmth, compassion, humour, sensitivity and a certain amount of rigour to group facilitation work, supporting, encouraging and at moments offering growth-full challenge to help you make the best of your personal development group.
My experience as an integrative and body psychotherapist, a group facilitator and a workshop leader has shown me there is an important creative tension and possibility for expansion to be explored and integrated in the alchemy of the group. The crucible for reconnection is an on-going experience that happens in the room and in life as we learn to make as truthful contact with each other as we can and through this learn more about ourselves and how we want to continue our journey being in the world. I have a particular interest in the exploration of the transpersonal, spiritual, and the meaningful through attention to body-mind and development of emergent awarenesses. In this way my work is also phenomenological, in and of our own experiencing, in the moment, with each other.  For more details about my background please see