North London Group Therapy

Salaam - Muslim Men's Group

As Muslim men who have sex with men, how we form and develop relationships is neither talked about nor validated by our families nor by wider society. As part of the North London Therapy Group, the Muslim Men’s Group is set up to provide a safe space for men who have sex with men who may or may not be practicing Muslims.

The group will provide a safe therapeutic space for men to explore self-acceptance, relationships and maintaining wellbeing. The sessions will provide a space for self-exploration, encourage reflection, and work towards healing and acceptance. Confidentiality and a professional service will be provided operating within the code of ethics for the British Association Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Muslim men come from the vast diaspora with ancestry from South Asia, South East Asia, the Arab States and Africa. Those of mixed heritage are also welcome.

Mehboob is a counsellor and psychotherapist of Muslim heritage with 5 years experience. He has a number of cultural and linguistic competencies and the sessions will be conducted in English.

Starting in the Autumn of 2018, the group will meet regularly on a friday evening. The first two weeks will enable the group to form but thereafter, it will be closed, operating for three months with a break in between. (Sept-Dec, Jan -Mar, April- July)

Working with an open agenda and being guided by what the group identifies as priorities, the sessions may work on these issues amongst others:
• Masculinity and sexual identity - self identifying as a man who has sex with men
• Exploring identity - being gay/MSM, Muslim and a person of colour in the UK
• Exploring and working with internal and external oppressors
• Relationships, both with other Muslims and others
• Sexual health and HIV
• Mental health and wellbeing

A fee per session will be charged. If you are on low income or benefits, or if you cannot pay for any other reason, concessions will be negotiated. An assessment of each person wanting to participate will be undertaken in advance, which will also include making a commitment to participate - a prerequisite for entry into the group.

For more information please email: