North London Group Therapy

The 7 Medicines for Rediscovering the Innate Joy of Being

Discover happiness and joyful relationships. An inspiring, practical and transformational journey to feeling at home in your body and life.
A fun, profound and enjoyable healing journey into your confidence, love and pleasure. 
Many of us feel overwhelmed by the pressures and uncertainty of modern life. This inspiring, practical and transformational program will soothe, enliven and ground you, into sensual soulful embodiment.
Explore your personal awareness, discover your inner wisdom and find out how to be more confident in a playful realm of presence, relating and delight.
Drawing on ancient teachings from many traditions, Julia will guide you back to feeling at home in yourself, your body and life, into the sensitive, sensual and spiritual Universe of Deliciousness. 
In a rich field of warm, still, energy, the group will move through the 7 paradigm-shifting 'medicines' of Slow, Body, Depth, Relationship, Pleasure, Power and Potency. 
Somatic group practices include a blend of dialogue, bodywork, imagery, alchemy and ritual. Bring your questions, your desires and your good self. Imperfections welcomed. Let's have a pleasureable healing experience!
Julia is an expert on the power of happiness, joy and relationships. She is author of The Healing Power of Pleasure and has over 25 years of working with clients on matters of confidence, resilience, intuition and self-authority. In her work with clients she draws on many therapeutic qualifications (including Grinberg Method of Bodywork and biodynamic craniosacral therapy) as well as her personal spiritual journey. Julia is passionate about sharing her love of the life of the body, real sensual relationships and the mystery.
Julia Paulette Hollenbery
Expert in the power of happiness, joy and relationships