North London Group Therapy

Kirath Ghataora

07440 516345


Professional Bodies

Integrative/Holistic, Wellbeing, Trauma-informed


 £45 per session (individuals; 50 mins)

How I Work

As an integrative psychotherapist my approach provides holistic attention that invites awareness-raising and self-care. Therapy supports change through focus and working together to empower individual experience and wellbeing.
With a trauma-informed practice, I work openly with mind, body and spirit; creatively supporting people to express and explore what they feel best and safest to.

I see people as a whole - a unique person with complex experiences, and a drive for wellbeing through creative adjustments to all aspects of existence.
People deserve to be fully heard, and met with non-judgemental openness, respect, authenticity, empathy and care.

Adhering to professional ethical guidelines, I practice with integrity and prioritise having safe and supportive therapy.

Our work together may consist of exploring present experiences, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, identity, relationships, memories and bodily sensations/movements. While also attending to the past, to dreams and any other interrelated aspect, such as world events, community/culture, history, spirituality and the therapeutic process/relationship. We can also support our work together with further creativity, i.e. using our imagination, objects, arts, crafts, writing, music, meditation, movement and imagery.

Main areas of work

I have over 12 years experience in health, social care, community, charity and education related sectors. I work creatively with a trauma-informed practice for both short and long term therapeutic goals.
Specialist areas: common mental health issues, survivors of abuse and trauma, LGBT+, young people, complex grief, perinatal, life phases, identity and spirituality.

Training / Qualifications

UKCP Accredited MSc Integrative Psychotherapy
NOCN Certificate Intercultural Counselling
BSc Psychology