North London Group Therapy

Gay/bi men's therapy groups

Ongoing groups with Tim Foskett

I currently run three therapy groups for gay/bi men at North London Group Therapy.  These groups meet fortnightly on Wednesday or Thursday evenings or Thursday afternoons.  They are for gay/bi men wishing to do long term work within a group setting.

A therapy group is a regular space to work on issues and concerns in your life with other people, to gain insight and understanding, as well as support and ideas for making changes in the future.
You can work on many issues, including:
  • Your relationships with other people - friends, family, partners and work colleagues
  • Your feelings about yourself and your ability to deal with life’s challenges
  • Difficult emotions that recur or don’t seem to shift
  • Your work and vocation 
  • Changes and transitions in your life
  • Working out what you want from life and bringing this into being
Therapy in a group provides opportunities for support and challenge as well as feedback from others about how they experience you, in a safe environment. 

A therapy group can be an intense learning experience with life-changing potential. To get the most out of the group you need to be committed to attending, willing to be open to your own and others’ feelings and experiences, and active in using the group to learn about yourself and others.
If you are interested in exploring joining a group please contact me to arrange an appointment, or you are welcome to call (07531 009547) or email with any specific questions.
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