Introduction to Running Therapeutic Groups

26/27 March 2022

A dynamic two-day course for qualifed therapists who want to develop and practice groupwork skills.  Read more>

Long-term Psychotherapy Groups

Weekly long-term psychoanalytic therapy groups with Stuart Stevenson.  Read more>

Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are? - Constellation Workshops with Caroline Cole. Read More>

Listening to the Unknown - a study group for psychotherapists

An opportunity to discuss clinical and vocational dilemmas from a Jungian and psychoanalytic perspective for psychotherapists with more than 5 years experience - led by David Henderson PhD  Read more>

Therapy Therapy

Ongoing therapy group for counsellors and therapists with Tim Foskett.  Read more>

Gay/Bi Men's Therapy Groups

Ongoing therapy groups for gay/bi men with Tim Foskett. Read more>

The Group Alive

- with Gaie Houston

An ongoing experiential supervision group - for group facilitators, therapists, consultants and experienced team managers. Read more>