North London Group Therapy

Laura Porta



Professional Bodies
UKCP Full-clinical member (2011172992)

Empowering, trauma-sensitive, person-centred, creative



How I Work

Looking at past and present experiences can feel daunting. All too often it is difficult to find a non-judgmental space where it feels comfortable to process challenging feelings. These unprocessed feelings may end up having an impact on our wellbeing and relationships.

The therapeutic relationship you and I develop can become a safe space that facilitates self-exploration and empowerment through empathy, warmth and genuineness. I am committed to work with you and support you to gain insight and allow new understandings and perspectives to emerge.

I work individually with adults. I am a person-centred therapist which means that I believe that everyone has a natural capacity for growth and change when given the opportunity and environment to get in touch with who they truly are. I am not here to diagnose or fix problems, but to listen and explore with you what is going on. If you like the idea, we can also use creative tools and your embodied experiences to bring further clarity to what you’re feeling.

I have helped people with a wide range of issues. Due to my personal and professional experiences, I have a special interest in working with:
● Anxiety and stress
● Depression
● Identity issues and life transitions
● Relationship difficulties
● Challenges of being an Expat
● Chronic health conditions and illnesses (e.g. CFS, PCOS, POI, endometriosis)
● Trauma (including childhood trauma, domestic abuse, gender-based violence, intergenerational trauma)
● Work-related issues

I strive to provide a culturally sensitive and lgbtqia+, kink, and poly affirmative space.


Main areas of work

I have experience of working with: depression, anxiety, identity issues, childhood abuse, trauma, work stress, relationship issues, life transitions and chronic health conditions.

Training / Qualifications

I have a Clinical Diploma in Person-centred Psychotherapy and a Master’s degree in Person-centred Psychotherapy from Metanoia Institute.